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Pappataci (derived from italian pappatacio) are spread all over the Mediterranean, and even wider than that (Middle East).


Small, fly-like insects with long legs, fluffy-looking (the head and the body is covered with fine hairs), usually from 1,5 to 3,5 millimeters large (small). Usually active an hour before and after the sunset, between April and October. Mostly feeding on humans, dogs and rodents.


Pappataci-borne diseases and protection

Their bites can give you various infectious diseases, most commonly leishmaniasis and pappataci fever.
The most common symptoms of leishmaniasis are sores, enlarged lymph nodes, weight loss and anorexia, muscular atrophy, limping etc.
Pappataci fever is similar to the common flu, lasting usually up to three days. The symptoms are fever (up to 40°C, 100F), headache, pains in the legs and exhaustion.
To prevent against pappataci bites some type of repelent should be used.

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