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Hi! I am Mona (yes, yes, I do know what that means in Italian, thank you! But the person who named me obviously did not :D), nice to meet you! I was born in Perušić. You know where Perušić is, right? It’s near Gospić, Lički Osik… Well, look it up on a map.


I spent the first couple of weeks of my life in a nice barn, with my brothers and sisters and some cows. And then they just picked us up, threw us in some boxes in a car and took us to a big city! We parted our paths there, each went their own way, adopted by different families. I got stuck with my people. They’re not bad, although sometimes they could look the other way while I roll in some smelly dump or something, and they really should not give me a bath when I finally manage to smell nicely! Just so I can remember my cows-in-a-barn days…

Hi, folks! My name is Charlie, I’m a doxie mix and I’m almost completely blind.


There’s not much to say about my past, where I was born, who I lived with, how it was… But my “now” people say that it’s obvious I was on a chain at some point in my life, based on the lacking hair around my neck. All I remember is that I was wandering around west Slavonia one winter, hungry, cold, alone and scared. And all of a sudden, they took me to Pakrac dog pound! And, that is, my friends, a very bad place where they kill dogs after 60 days. I was beginning to come to terms with my destiny, there was no way out. I was the oldest one there, blind, and besides, the photo of me they put on the internet was so bad that I would’ve not adopted myself (don’t ask me to show you the photo, really, I won’t!). You cannot even imagine my surprise when those people came and said that they’d chosen me, so they became my people, and their sofa became my sofa…

We are the two buddies who stumbled upon the idea of making a useful website that would help our four-legged cousins, dogs, cats and so on, that would really like to go on vacations with their people. Our people take us, sometimes separately and sometimes in a really big pack, to see almost half of Croatia, so we’ll share our experiences, where we liked it, where we swam, where we played a lot with other dogs, where we ate good and slept comfortably, where we saw and heard something interesting on this website.

Dear four-legged friends, this website is meant to help you in the first place, but direct your people to it as well – they’ll find a lot of interesting stuff here. Enjoy Croatia, and if you see us somewhere, shout out to us with a cheerful “woof-woof”, so that we know that you’re the guys from the web page!

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